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About Warren Rogan

Welcome to Sports' Forgotten Heroes. Every other week, take a deep dive into the history of sports to take a look back at stars of the game whom time has forgotten. We've talked to stars such as Frank Ryan, the last QB to lead the Cleveland Browns to an NFL Championship; Dennis Maruk, one of the first men in NHL history to score 60 goals in a season; Denny McLain, the last pitcher to win 30 games in a season; the great Red Kelly the only man to win at least eight Stanley Cup Championships without playing for the Montreal Canadiens. Great authors, researchers and historians have appeared on SFH to talk about the men and teams they have written so much about. Now you can learn more about these great stars by listening to SFH every other week ... and, if you become a patron, you can submit a question or get to speak to one of our guests. Thanks for your support, and we hope you enjoy the podcast.
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Great content. That's what this is all about ... making great and interesting content; and every dollar raised allows me to go deeper in research and speak to more and more people about heroes whom we have forgotten or know so little about. 
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