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Klyde Spracjar made his start playing guitar in bands around the local Saint Louis area in 2000. A short, 4 year run in the military from 2010-2014 had lead him back into music in a different direction, as a bass player. This is where his writing truly began, as Klyde began stepping up to the microphone and contributing lyrically to the music he was playing. Discovering that his artistic endeavor was being limited by compromise, he set out to relieve the constraints and continue the pursuit in March 2017.
'Desire' will be the first long playing album performed and produced by Klyde Spracjar.
Scheduled for release: 1 April 2018.
"I can't remember the first guitar I had; I hardly remember the first, live show in a real, live band at 12 years old. Gee looking back, I thought AC/DC was the coolest growing up, and my enthusiasm for the band showed; I can duck-walk."Laughs
"Eastern Afghanistan 2011, my first combat deployment in support of the United States foreign policy. It was in between two deployments that I knew when I had made a huge mistake. I'm not sure what happened, but I lost the family I was trying to start. A young wife and beautiful, infant, daughter. I was gone; I'm just lucky it isn't forever. Sometimes, I don't think I've ever really made it back. "
"Years later, I have awaken with focus, from what could only be described as some dream, into my highest, low.
I remain happier than ever, but also very alone."
Klyde Spracjar plays the guitar, bass, drums, and performs vocals in ALL Spracjar music.
Produced and engineered by Klyde Spracjar.

$3 of $10,000 per null
I, Klyde Spracjar, have let go to create my own vision, and to project it outward.

I am creating a very first of it's kind, full length, long-playing album. With rock roots, classical influence, and a hard, groovy, rhythmic, grooves, 'Desire' will be a resurrectional 2018 release, due on April Fool's day, 2018. 

With my release on a foolish day, I am no fool.
This is not a joke: I am a former 1st Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment operator. I have been awarded a Ranger tab, and after another deployment as a junior leader in Afghanistan, I returned home, with troubles, to instruct at Ranger Training Battalion, on the Florida panhandle. It was't easy, as I have a past. I was the Top Gun of my class 09-10 in RASP, and a promising leader. One thing held me back;
I am no killer.

Fast forward through many, many unsuccessful bands as a guitarist or bassist trying to incorporate my vocals wherever I can to help 'fill in' the sound. I was constantly denied artist involvement in the writing process of these bands. I wanted to contribute more and was held back. I have realized my true goal: To have my voice heard; I can sing! Though, this new found skill does not come without great practice and dedication to yourself, and your art.

Not everyone will like what you do.
Influence one soul out of every million, and that is enough for me. I don't need the money, I am fully disabled and compensated by my government. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to pursue what I have always wanted to do as an infant. Chuck E' Cheese, 1992. I was turning 1 years old. The mechanical, animal, band was revealed onstage as the red, velvety, curtain was pulled clear. This was my first memory...
In the home video, I walked up the the stage, put both my hands on it, leaning over just enthralled watching these 'things' play music! I loved what I heard, I loved what I saw, and it stuck with me for life.

'Sua Sponte: The Forging of a Modern American Ranger'
By author, and former Navy Seal Team One Captain and CIA Agent Dick Couch, had these things to observe about myself, 'Kevin Seiple' in one of several excerpts of his book:

"I watched private Kevin Seiple during the week of marksmanship training, and he was shooting very well...

{further down}

Couch: "So," I venture, " where would you be if you hadn't had a wife and baby?" He gives me a wistful grin.
Seiple: " I'm not sure where I'd be, but I know what I would like to be doing. I was a lead guitarist in a rock band. We were pretty good - not great, but good - and we were getting better. The music business isn't an easy one, so I'd probably be working day jobs for pocket money, and playing gigs at night - and probably sleeping in the back of my van."

Couch: " And now you're a soldier?"

'That's right.' He says with a firm smile. ' I'm a daddy and husband, and soon I'll be a ranger. I've got no complaints; I'll do all right here.'

Truth is, I wasn't all right. 

My wife, whom I married prior to my first deployment, left and took our daughter back home to be with her lover on Christmas Eve 2010. 3 months later I was in Afghanistan conducting operations in support of the U.S. Foreign Policy.

I fell apart. I stepped on a low-order (dud) landmine/pressure plate/ something (who knows) and it barely made a sound, and a small cloud of dust around my feet. It sounded like a bottle rocket shoved into the dirt and lit, or a small, lunch-sized bag of potato chips covered in earth; a very muffled 'POP!'
Sometimes, I think it did fully detonate.

The world is literally one big vibration of sound, you've heard the planets' sounds from space right? Absolutely stunning and a must hear if you haven't yet. The Earth is barreling through space at 1,000 miles an hour or more. 
Now imagine a car wheel as it spins faster and faster, seemingly rotating slower and slower, perhaps it goes in reverse direction. Know what I am talking about? 
Now imagine that same concept, with terrestrial life.

I'm no acclaimed scholar, or Berkeley alumni astronomer, but I am a dreamer.

When anything is probable, EVERYTHING is possible.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you decide to support a product that will be available for all.

-Klyde Spracjar
-Kevin Seiple
-Kellan Seiwert
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