Spread Loving Kindness - Elizabeth Ashton Brewer SLK

is creating guided meditation, yoga, pilates, fitness, Brazilian Zouk, Barre




The SLK Brazilian Zouk journey began in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷 the day Renata Peçanha invited Elizabeth into CIA Compania Renata Peçanha, one of the most renowned professional zouk companies in the world. Gabriel Fends, a company member for 5 years, fell in love with Elizabeth's connection at first dance. With Gabriel having never taken an English class, and Elizabeth having never taken a Portuguese class, the two struggled to understand each other with words. As their partnership developed, their communication was not only frustrating but nearly impossible until the music came on. There was some kind of magic in it all that two beings from two different countries around the world could communicate in a far more greater way than any language in the world. That language was Brazilian Zouk. The two began to develop a way to communicate through the universal language of the eyes, smile, kindness, and dance which they discovered are all ways to spread loving kindness around the world. Through the means of Brazilian Zouk, the two have decided to dedicate their lives to sharing with the world a way in which two beings from completely different cultures around the world can communicate. This language allows your partner to feel listened to, respected and cared for which results in feelings of compassion, understanding, and unwavering trust. It all begins with a deep connection of self, loving kindness and appreciation of ones own body, mind and spirit. Each person is equally dedicated to inspire, create, awaken and enrich the lives of others. Although you put plenty of ‘heart’ into it, you lose nothing by giving it away. This creates a world where giving is more important than receiving. If we love ourselves, feel secure in our own skin, and do not need another to fulfill our needs, we learn to send our loving kindness outwards as we dance, connect and communicate. This vision and teaching, the two wholeheartedly believe, has the power to create a happier healthier, more loving and kind world.
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