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Thank you for the support! Keep up with the behind the scenes of Spritefan2! I've been posting pretty actively, at least once a week, about projects or just life things :D. Patrons at this level will also have access to my discord server to occasionally chat with me and other Patrons
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I will place your maple character in the top banner of my Patreon and YouTube page! More details discussed in the description.

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Thank you for the support! You can view Patreon posts with the download links to my project files!  (FLA and AEP)

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Update 7/23/19:
  • Full Disclosure: I'm sorta more officially on a hiatus. Not sure when I plan to crank up activity again, but I may be fairly inactive for the time being. All previously planned videos are on pause.
  • Tier rewards below are all active still! I appreciate and will prioritize all my supporters here <3.


Hi! My name is Derek and I create Maple Story Sprite Animations on my YouTube channel spritefan2. My popularity peak was in 2009 and it's sort of weird how I keep coming back.

Thanks for dropping by the Patreon! It's still the early days of this page so it may be better in the future, once I'm ready to execute on more of my ideas. But I'd like to soft-launch this Patreon page and see how feedback is :D. One of my main goals is to spin this into an animation education platform to help new motivated animators out who want to make videos. I'm doing my best to consider what everyone in my audience will enjoy though!

If you're new to Patreon, the way it works is that you can give a monthly donation to support a creator like me. Each creator can set up their Patreon differently, such as setting rewards and goals for additional content outside of our free videos on YT.

... And to explain the way I personally use Patreon, I donate just $1 to all my buddies on the platform, (Dray86, Mali, etc). Then at the start of each month Patreon bills me for the total for everyone I choose to donate to (around $5/mo atm). It's way simpler and less intimidating to join in than I imagined. So whether you choose support me or not is absolutely your decision, but I'm plugging Patreon itself for being an awesome website to support anyone you appreciate, each dollar really adds up for the creator. :P

(NOTE: Patreon charges you on the 1st of each month AND when you sign up. So I recommend not signing up on like, the 29th or 30th or something, lol).


Animating video game sprites began as a hobby I picked up in early middle school, (2005). But around 2007 I started getting really into it - I had so much fun entertaining people and increasing the quality of my animations on YouTube. It occupied all of my time in high school and it's what initially inspired me to pursue a career in the gaming industry. So although my channel isn't what it used to be, I tend to come back because I owe a lot to this unique hobby I picked up. (And also I genuinely have fun doing it).

In addition, I really like teaching. It's something that I've enjoyed since I was a kid. I love it when I can help someone get to that "Aha moment" where a concept clicks for them. I wasn't expecting my 2013 animation tutorials to have gotten as popular as they did, but I want to continue to help people out in the future :D. (And I am aiming to get more free ones out on YT soon).


    $1+ Discord & Tier 1 Posts
    • You'll be able to join my discord server and chat with me and the other patrons! 
    • You'll be able to see the $1 tier locked Patreon posts. I'll also do my best to make updates to keep you all in the loop of what projects I'm working on and what's up with my life. :P (You can also check in the posts section the dates, to see if I'm active).
    $5+ Join the YouTube / Patreon Banner!
    • At this tier you can send me your Maple Story character to be placed in the banners! 
    • This will be a lifetime placement too, so even if you end your pledge, I'll keep you in the banner.
    • You can submit any pose of your character. Instructions on how to create and submit will be in the Patreon Posts section!
    $15+ Project File Download
    • I understand that some people learn best by diving directly into the project to learn at their own pace - get your hands a little dirty in order to wrap your mind around how everything is put together. You'll get access to the posts to download my completed CC2018+ FLA's and AEP files.
    • Going to upload my Maple Rushed 6 and any future videos of mine that come out, will do it within a few days of uploading that video.
    • Lowkey, I recommend only joining this tier for a month to get the downloads if I'm inactive, you can switch tiers and it will change your status for each following month (starting on the 1st).
    $35+ One Hour Mentorship per month w/ me
    • Removing regular tier temporarily to only one early-bird slot. I may bring this tier back in the future.
    • 1on1 animation tutoring over discord. The most successful format I've had, is to get your project files then screen-share with you while I edit your animation with suggestions on on how to improve it. I'm flexible to spend the hour whichever way you prefer though! :D Can chat about anything.
    • (At the moment I'm capping this to 3 1 mentee a month, I'm not sure how much interest there will be for this.)
    $50+ 1 Hr Mentorship + Your Character in my animation!
    • lol don't do this, it's here cause i know there's crazy people out there.
    • Because I have limited time, I'm bumping the price in the mentorship fee if I cap out on too many students. But you will get an hour of Derek time! Same as the previous tier.
    • I'll put your MapleStory character in whatever my next animation is! Here are some notes on how that'll work:
      • I'll message you about getting your Maple character's sprite sheet for me to animate.
        • (If you don't know how, it's easy, dw).
      • You only need to be in this $50 tier for 1 month to fulfill the requirement. Once you submit your character. I'll be sure to hold onto it until the next animation I post. So afterwards you can drop down to whatever tier or drop out completely if you'd like.
        • (Don't worry about paying $50 each month until the next video I do, haha).
      • Your character will be animated very minimally. Don't expect to be a main character doing wicked fight animations or anything. They'll be standing/sitting/walking around. Maybe something more if there scenario calls for it.


I don't have goals in particular because I'm making stuff on YouTube publicly whenever I have free time anyways. I'm definitely not trying to make a full-time career out of this. But if I hit certain Patreon goals, it will justify me committing more time to creating specific things YOU may like. I'd love to hear more feedback too, in Discord, Patreon Comments, ETC - To whatever you guys want the most. Check out the goals section for my current ideas, but it can update in the future.

One goal that's less about myself, but for you guys, is to be able to teach animation better to those of you interested. 5 years ago when I released my first set of tutorials. There were a some animators who really grasped what I taught, and ended up making crazy awesome videos. I'd say a handful of them actually surpassed me! So another goal of mine is to make more of that happen, I like watching cool people and it blows my mind I'm capable of helping some of you guys get there.


Thanks so much for your time reading this :D. I think this can be kinda cool, I hope there's some of you out there who'll like it.

Also to the few who have reached out to me in the past and said that you're willing to donate to my Patreon if I were to start one up (for no rewards, not interested in animating themselves). For you people who are solely donating to ME, the Derek... It's tough for me to understand, but thank you so much. I really appreciate you guys. It's weird hearing people say that I was their childhood, because I was also a child making these videos. So it's like you grew up with this videos that were evolving along with me as well and my own childhood crafted within it... I don't know of that makes sense, but it's awesome to share that with those who have known me since pre-pre-bang. (You know what that means). But I'm sorry I can't provide any cool rewards like guaranteed videos or increase activity at this time. 

Thank you for reading and your time!
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In addition to adding new projects to the download tier, I will dig up old project files to share with the Download Tier, for people to study and learn more. (MBRs, SFCs & more)
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