Sarah Tupciauskas

is creating oil, acrylic, watercolor, and digital paintings!
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Layered PSD and Krita files of my illustrations so you can see how those mysterious layers work!

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About Sarah Tupciauskas

Hello! My name is Sarah Tupciauskas, I am a freelance painter, illustrator, and tattoo apprentice living in Toledo, OH. I love creating designs using pen/pencil, watercolor, oil, acrylic, and with my digital tablet. I currently work as a gardener, as I have a deep passion for both painting and plant life, but someday I would love to be able to support myself through my creations!

Most of all, I would love to share what I know with other artists. Patreon will help me be able to set aside more time to start making videos and posting on social media more frequently. I would eventually love to become a full time painter and tattoo artist! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my work, I sincerely appreciate your support!

How Patreon works:
You are able to choose an amount to donate monthly. There are some awesome perks (like progress photos or access to my sketches that no one gets to see!) to go along with it, and it will also help me create more content along the way. Any amount helps so much!
You will be able to edit or cancel your pledge at any time!

Why support me?
My hopes with Patreon are to eventually quit my day job and start to develop myself as an independent artist. I want to draw more, tattoo more, create more. Thanks to the amazing people who have supported me thus far, I am able to focus more on the things I love instead of worrying about stressful side jobs.

Supporting me means:
  • More art!
  • Never published exclusive doodles/sketches/WIPs
  • Tips and tricks to make your art better
  • Tutorials, peer critiques, and art supply recommendations 
  • That I will finally get some sleep! 

I just want to drink tea and create stuff ♥
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Living my dreams!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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