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How does the story end. Does it end? Where?



About Spudcaster

Ever since I was 9-years-old I wanted to be a journalist - a storyteller. After university, I got my first break at the public broadcaster's radio news section. I fast developed a love for radio as a medium and discovered a knack for features writing and documentary making. This is my passion. This is what makes me happy. 

More about my pet project, which landed me on these pages:

I was classified coloured under apartheid. Given South Africa's divisive past, most coloured family trees only go back about four generations. The white ancestor is often celebrated, while little to nothing is known about the black/native ancestor. I first heard about my Zulu great great grandmother during a recent family gathering. This lead to my first personal autobiographical podcast tracing my family lineage: "The Bijbel". I intend to document my journey of discovery to trace my lineage, and it is this project which brings me to patreon

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