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About Squall Charlson

I'm Squall Charlson; I am an actor, writer, and have even been awarded an Emmy for directing. I make videos about tokusatsu, movies, and sometimes video games over on my YouTube channel for years now and am looking at creating more content frequently with your help!

With weekly uploads, there is plenty to see and enjoy on the channel! We have series such as Clueless With, Tokusatsu Top Ten, Kamen Rider League, Toku One Offs, Open Sanjou, and of course the return of How To Adapt! The Super Hero Time news show will also stream on the channel soon, as well as the updates when they become available!

Tokusatsu Girlfriend is a great entry for both newcomers and veterans to Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman, and more! I take my girlfriend on a new series each season, and Patreon gets so much more! Such as, Bonus After Show Episodes, Uncut Podcast Episodes, Insights on the show, and of course Early Episodes!

For such a niche following, we sure are spread out to the farthest reaches of the internet. Join myself and many others over on our Discord Server, and with Patreon, get access to the Patreon pages, addition to the top tiers on the community listing, and more! Lets come together with tokusatsu, movies, and other interests!

What you see on the channel is reflective of my time, and it takes a bunch of it to make some of my videos. I will let the content speak for itself, but imagine having more of it, more often. That’s where Patreon comes in. I want to recognize and reward you, the viewers and fans of the channel for supporting me and helping it grow.

But where does the money go?

I could say something obvious like into the bills I am usually paying (house, utilities, services, ect.), but most, if not all, goes back into you and the community. I want to give you more in terms of being here and a part of the growth; that’s why some of the tiers to the right have physical rewards. The pins you will start to see rolling out are going to be a monthly incentive, meaning once they’re gone, there’s a good chance you will never see them again.

And they’re only going to be found right here too...

The remainder of the proceeds will go into gear and tech. I pay monthly for Adobe CC suites, and I would like to upgrade some equipment as we go too. If we can start to raise enough I would be able to start paying for help to shoot and star in future videos (think more narrative work) or even commission an artist to make artwork for future videos. This is a platform and channel I can use to showcase many other talented artists, and I am so excited to start doing that!

I honestly believe we need more original tokusatsu content online, and I would like to help those around me grow and succeed too.

By becoming a patron, you're helping myself to create and that means the world to me. Even if you aren't a patron, from the bottom of our hearts thank you!
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