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This basically gives you access to almost all the new toys in 42. Including generic tags, bios, and more coins and stuff like that.
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Generous Fan
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This gives you all the same stuff as the $1 tier, but you just felt like donating a little more because you're really nice.
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Unlock the Rest
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You get everything from the $1 tier, but because you're feeling super generous, I'll let you give 42 custom statuses and more generic tags.
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About squaswin

Right, where to start...
Hi, my name is squaswin and I am a programmer/developer working with a media management company. However, I also have a long running project going on to create a Discord bot. This bot is 42!
I've been at it for 3 years now and in that time, I've written and rewritten over 40000 lines of code and 42 has been added to over 6500 servers!

Anyway, onto the actual Patreon stuff.
Note: No existing features will be paywalled.

What do we get?

I have added a new set of toys for my supporters to play with, and this list does get longer with time too:
  • More coins. Each day you can claim 1500 instead of 300.
  • More profile slots. 8 custom profile slots instead of the default 6.
  • Bio. You can add a bio to your info page to tell the world more about yourself.
  • Embedding Tags. You can create tags that can post full rich embeds.
  • Generic Tags. You get to create tags that can be used on any of 42's servers!
  • Better YouTube. The yt command returns 12 videos that you can flip between using reactions.
  • Statuses. You know how 42's playing status spins through different stats? You get to add more text to that
While I wanted to keep all the new toys on the $1 tier, I decided against doing that for statuses since those are viewable by all servers and can't be turned off ><
Other than all these brand new toys, 42's commands will always be available to everyone.

Also, if you stop pledging, your generic tags won't be forcibly removed.

Where does the money go?

The money will go towards keeping 42 running. She is my first priority for the funds. Right now, "keeping 42 running" involves buying new hardware including RAM, a better processor and a new hard drive for the machine 42 is living on.

Does this mean 42 is finished?

I want to add more things, both free and supporter, to 42 and for the most part, I will be keeping everything on the $1 tier! When I get close to my goals, I'll make a start working on implementations so that they are ready when the goals are met!

Thank you.

squas, you forgot to tell them how to add me to a server, and lots of other stuff too...
R-right 42...
If you want more information on what 42 can do, or how to use her, you can visit my website, and to add her to your server, you can use this link. And last one I promise, you can join my server here.

Thank you for hearing me out, and I look forward to meeting you in my server if you do decide to support 42 and myself!
$64 of $120 per month
Dedicated Hosting.
Frawst is an amazing host, but eventually 42 is going to become too much of a strain on his bandwidth. Reaching this goal means I will be able to get some dedicated server hosting for 42 meaning faster start up times and a more responsive bot for the users.
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