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You are on your way in this world! Get access to the bonus outtakes and bloopers from my videos, a custom Discord role, and Reddit tag. 

Also certifies that you fucking rock!

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Counterintuitively, the Diamond Squid isn't actually made of diamonds, and similarly with this tier, I won't be buying any diamonds with this contribution. BUT it will actually start to reduce my out of pocket expenses by a measurable amount and that would be awesome! 

This tier gives you a credit at the end of each fully produced video as long as you are a patron (Not streams, cause I don't edit that stuff) a custom Discord role of Cardinal, and a Reddit tag. SICK!

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Humboldt Squid
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You can weigh up to 100 pounds, and can swim at speeds up to 15 miles per hour! 

Also, I'll give you a shoutout (With my literal mouth!) in my videos, a custom discord role of Archbishop, Reddit tag, as well as a spot in the credits, which is pretty cool too I think.

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About Alex

I'm Alex and I make video essays about motorcycle related topics, that try to be equal parts educational and entertaining.

I've been riding motorcycles for over 10 years, and have put over 100,000 miles over 5 different bikes. YouTube and Twitch are an interesting outlet for me creatively, as I enjoy developing new skills around engineering and mastering audio//video content through the lens of my Motorcycle riding experience.

If you like my content and would like to assist in supporting it's development, here is the place. I do a lot of miscellaneous stuff, but the only posts that will be paid will be YouTube videos. 

Ride fast and take chances!
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I really like the direct funding model of Patreon, which is why I subscribe to a bunch of different creators on here. If we get to this goal, I'll be matching what I put in. It's not a Ponzi Scheme, it's a reverse funnel.
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