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About Steven

Please donate an amount that best represents the value of my work for you personally so far. 

Here is what your pledge does not cover: me showing up at your events, travel and hotel expenses my time while shooting, equipment costs and my skills as a photographer.  These are all things I offer free of charge simply because if I show up it means that you have also offered me the gift of your talent and as a photographer I find it simply rewarding to take pictures of what you do. 

Here is what I am asking you to help out: as an amateur photographer, normally if I shoot a sporting event I do that to keep my skills sharp and because I really enjoy taking pictures of exciting events, people and their four legged friends.  99% of my shots however end up in the delete bin simply because they are duplicates: same light, same angle same place even if they feature different subjects.  Every day has the potential for no more than a couple of great shots, the rest even if technically flawless end up being photographically identical to shots I've already collected for my portfolio. What your donation allows is for me to save these "duplicates" and spend time picking through thousands of frames to process your pictures so you can save a particular moment for posterity.