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Roadies help out with anything and everything from carrying equipment to quickly fixing damaged equipment. Without roadies, there'd be no performance! Roadies get access to: 

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  • Design discussion posts. 
  • Project updates. 
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Fans never miss a chance to see their favorite band live. Fans gain access to: 

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  • Playtest reports. 
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  • Added to a pool of potential playtesters via Discord.
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Superfans camp out for tickets to their favorite band and can always be found in the front few rows. As a Superfan, you'll have access to: 

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  • Design discussion posts. 
  • Playtest reports. 
  • Project updates. 
  • Added to a pool of potential playtesters via Discord.
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About Stacy

Hello, everyone! My name is Stacy Dellorfano. I'm best known for being the founder of ConTessa, but I'm also a writer and tabletop game designer, which is what this Patreon is all about! I really enjoy writing about the design process, so I'm using this space to do so in a way that should help monetize the creation of my own RPGs.

The first RPG I'll be working on is Girl Band. In addition to helping me earn a bit of a living writing RPGs, Patron dollars will also go to hiring on additional writers and artists to get as much done ahead of a Kickstarter as possible. 

Elevator Pitch

Girl Band is a game about a group of girls (of any gender) playing sold-out arenas around the world while righting wrongs in the communities they visit using their secret superpowers. Game plots and adventures will have strong queer elements and focus on issues seen mainly by marginalized people. 

Introducing the MIGHT System

MIGHT is the name of the system I'm in the process of building to accompany Girl Band. Most of the groundwork has been completed for this part, it''s now just a matter of playtesting and designing the subsystem that handles performances, as well as advancement. 

MIGHT has both Primary Attributes and Core Skills that relate to each attribute. 

The Primary Attributes are: 

Music, Intuition, Guts, Heart, and Technique

With the exception of Music, all the attributes have four skills related to that attribute. Music has additional skills that define the character's roll in the band as well as their abilities. 

The Core Skills are: 

Music Skills: Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Roadie, Stylist, Manager
Instinct Skills: Influence, Songwriting, Muse, Choreography
Guts Skills: Courage, Fight, Adapt, Intimidate
Heart Skills: Empathize, Guile, Leadership, Connection
Technique Skills: Dance, Flourish, Excite, Speed

All ratings are measured in "stars", ranging from 0-5. The base mechanic is to roll the number of D6s equal to the amount of stars one has in their Prime Attribute plus the applicable Core Skill. Sixes are successes (maybe 5s and 6s, I want to playtest both), and 6s explode. 

Most tasks require one success to succeed with the exception of group rolls, and any extra special hard tasks. Combat is never fatal in this game, there are just consequences. The details of all these parts are still being worked on. 

The Group Picks the Genre

At the beginning of the game, the group decides on a genre of music their band will play or one is chosen for them based on a particular adventure's needs. The genre chosen for your band will also dictate what superpowers your characters have access to, where they came from, and how you ended up righting wrongs and slaying tunes. 

I'm hoping to hire many people with experience in each of the genres to write them into the game for a wide variety of choices, and, of course, you'll be able to use a template to make your own genre. 

Gameplay Alternates Between Performances & Adventures

Campaigns will be called "World Tours", and one-shots or short-run adventures will be tours in an individual country like a "US Tour", region, "European Tour", or even something like a cruise featuring the band. The game will alternate between performances and adventure. 

When the band first arrives at the city, they'll have some tome to get introduced to some of the local people and what sort of problems they might have. Once the roadies are done setting up, it'll be time to perform. The better the performance, the more Performance Points the band earns that can later be spent for additional rolls, abilities, or actions. After the performance, the band will have 2-3 days in the current city to right as many wrongs as they can before moving onto the next city and starting all over again. 

What Patrons Get

I'm still figuring this one out a bit, but at present I'm looking at having a playtestable version of the game by October, if not earlier. Patrons will get my blog posts discussing how I'm designing the game (a fun topic for me), and some will also get early access to playtest the game by GMing themselves, or by participating in one of my playtests online using Discord.

Thanks so much for taking a look at Girl Band! Your support means the world to me!
$28 of $50 per blog post
When I get to $50/post for an average of four posts per month, I'll be halfway to my goal of paying for part of our bills. 
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