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I already can't thank you enough.

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See early drafts of posts, your feedback is welcome, and I'll take suggestions for potential topics that might interest you.

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Eventually, I'd like to promise this tier access to playtesting Stand!! and having access to closed playtesting Discord servers. For now, I can only offer what's above, and further gratitude.



About Mofu

Hey, it's me, mofu!

I'm currently working on a game design blog that specifically focuses on card game design and the history of popular mechanical trends in several significant titles. Eventually, this project will go on to include the development of my own card game, Stand!! but for now I'm focusing on analytical and written content as well as consistent interaction with my Discord members and Twitch viewers. This page presently serves as a tip jar, as I don't feel comfortable creating large tiers when my content creation is still in such an early stage. Much of the current content will be split between analysis of existing card games and a design blog detailing what I've learned from the past several iterations of Stand!! as well as updates on what plans lie ahead for the game.