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There are no rewards, you're  not buying my friendship.  In fact, if you're considering being a  patron, I already consider you my friend. Your generous support here  allows me to keep generously giving away my content for FREE TO ALL.   Just to reiterate, I'm not begging for money, your donations here are  purely voluntary, just a way you can thank me for making the content I  produce. Thanks for your consideration!  




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  1. all videos will be viewable by patrons only on vimeo and password protected    
  2. content 100% exclusive to you guys/girls unless its a promo vid              
This is a platform for me to release my videos to people around the globe! This is also a way for the fans to chip in a small donation and show their support.

I understand not every fan is in the position to make a donation and thats perfectly ok, but for those that can it would be much appreciated and help more than you know.

$0 of $200 per month
at this goal i will be able to upgrade my camera so you guys can get the best video possible
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