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The Informant
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   Unsure about committing to a strange printer-based game? This is the tier for you! For just a dollar, you can play the quick-play version! 

   I will release a new and unique pre-made "board" each month. Like a demo, this version will feature a limited selection compared to the normal game, and be restricted to only 2-3 players.

   At the start of every month, a new board will be released, along with different game elements previously not included.

The Operator
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You're ready to take on the full experience. In addition to the previous tier reward, you will have complete access to the entirety of Star Heist! 10 unique characters to play, 30 equipment cards to equip, over a dozen traps, 3 different strongrooms to truly protect your vault, and a bunch more! Any new updates to the game will be included at the beginning of every month.




What is Star Heist?

   Star Heist is a sci-fi themed, tabletop "heist" game, accommodating up to 6 players, ages 12 and older. 

   One player assembles a unique vault. Drawing from 30+ unique tiles, selecting from a wide array of secret traps and triggers, and commanding a merciless security detail, this player must eliminate everyone else playing.

   The rest of the players select from 10 different "operators" such as this one:


   Each operator has abilities unique to only them, along with different strengths and weaknesses. These players then equip their operators, selecting from an arsenal of 30 unique equipment cards, like these:

   These players must work together, using their unique abilities, to get in, get the money, and get out.

   Star Heist is still new, and still requires rigorous testing that I can't achieve by myself. So I decided to take my game and make a printer-friendly "beta" version. Featuring original artwork and design by me! At the beginning of every month, new content will be released, alongside an update. Over the course of the month, polls will be held to determine future content and updates for the coming months! At the end of the year, a physical version will be made available for purchase.
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I will hold a patron-only, submission-based poll, for what the next equipment card will be!
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