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Please check back then if that reward is highly desired, however the Doodle Raffle and Com Slots remain unnaffected! However if you wish to support me regardless I encourage you to consider lower tiers! Thank you!

Hello! I'm Cosmo, and I like dragging pens and petting cats. Drawing them too. I'm here to talk to you about my lovely Patreon Campaign™️.

First off, I love to make art. It keeps me sane and it keeps smiles on people's faces. Two things that I very much enjoy doing. My dilemma at the moment is the amount of time I have to put towards doing these two very sacred things, and if I were to be paid to do these things, I could commit to them more often.

You see, I work best when I have the freedom to produce what I like, when I like, like most sporadic people who align on the spectrum of the multiple disorders I carry. But enough about that, you didn't come here to feel sorry for me, but what can't be achieved without your kind support.

This is where you and the multiple tiers come in. Despite the urban myth of crying to make art happen, these kinds of tiers are yours!! To help!! Me out with that is. By contributing a little of your hard earned or hastily sourced cash each month, you get access to a bunch of special features as my thanks. It's kind of like IKEA. Everything's made in bulk so everyone gets a good deal! Patreikea.

So as the tiers describe, there's a bunch of goodies to get yourself tucked into.

My thanks to you! $1 Patreons get:
★ First Look at New Art ★
Everything I finish and is presentable will be posted here first, imagine all that new art you can hoard in you inbox!
★ Monthly Wallpaper For Your Support ★
A lovely High Res Wallpaper to adorn your desktop and show peeping toms how cool you are!
★ Backstage Blog Lite ★
A brief summary of what I've been up to lately, plus some sketches of finished works!

An excellent choice! $5 Patreons will get the above PLUS:
★ A Monthly PDF of All Art including Sketches ★
Each month you're getting a neatly compiled PDF of the art I've done and posted, drafts and all!
★ Monthly Wallpaper Vote ★
At the Beginning of each month, you get to vote on what you'd like to see as the next Wallpaper!
★ SUPER Backstage Blog ★
Get personal with the work I've finished posted here first, PLUS some exclusive content PLUS first look at what the next projects are and the recent happenings of Cosmoland!

WOW, you're awesome! $10 Patreons will get the above tiers PLUS+:
First Dibs on Commissions 
Before commissions slots go public, they'll be offered to you first! Cheeky!
★ Current Comic Pages posted a Week Early ★

You'll be the envy of your friends, family, and pets, with exclusive first access to comic pages. Snazzy!
★ Character Doodle Raffle 
It's a draw for a draw! Each week I'll do a doodle of someone's character of choice at random!

The current comic is this lil' beauty, and is currently in production:
UPROOTING is my first comic with an ideal goal in mind. It's a short story with a lot of my heart poured into it, and has helped me process some of the tragic happenstances of my life, and hopefully will resonate with others and inspire them too. I hope to have it all finished and dusted in November, ready to badger many a publisher with trying to get it out in the open. Failing that, I'll do it myself.

After UPROOTING I want to keep making comics. I want to keep making media that challenges and questions perspective while delivering a wholesome message. I want to inspire people young and old through my writing and drawing and most of all, I want to make people happy with the work I do, be it a simple smile or that warm fuzzy feeling you get when something deeply invigorates your soul.

So that's it! Thank you so much for reading, and if and only if you can afford to donate, my thanks will be with you forever.

Love from Cosmo!!

ULTRA STAR RAFFLE DISCLAIMER!!: Once you've been selected as the winner of the raffle, you'll be excluded from the list next month. In the month after (4 draws later), the raffle will reset, and you'll be re-entered into the draw!
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I'll stream every second and fourth Friday 10pm, patron or not
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
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