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The Game:
I am an indie developer working on a sci-fi RPG called Starreign. Starreign is a 3d character progression based roleplaying and strategy game. The defining feature of this game is the attempt to elegantly combine the space odyssey experience, from fully developed planet environments supporting roleplaying, to the space opera experience.

Starreign will have a fully flushed out space and surface environments, with special attention to the interaction between these two worlds. Space fleets besieging planets, and planetary cities influencing the space sandbox are part of the plan. 

The Settings:
It is the future where humanity has spread to the stars and is now spread too thin and too far. Efforts at a central government are ineffective. Everyone is out for themselves. Authorities try to keep things in order but with humans slowly turning into other species from being in unique environments for too long, too far away from a standardized human experience, the effort seems almost impossible. 

While humanity is in full scale decline, there is the fear that the galactic civilization that is humanity's legacy is about to collapse. The goal of our games, is to prevent the human race and its derivatives  from reaching the tipping point where they go completely extinct.

Other Notes by the Developer:

It is an isometric squad based, and battlefield styled game.The goal is for you to play as a single character who can be both the commander and the soldier at any time, but all roles are experienced from a single persons' perspective.

As exciting as combat is, my goal is also to capture some of the more ordinary aspects of life in such a future world. Marriage, kids, owning a house, working menial jobs, promoting through ranks, and just being part of the sci-fi community of the universe you play in. I want this game to take place over several generations. I want to capture every part of life for a fully flushed out simulation experience.

The game will be single player and will take place in a campaign mode that consists of 4 acts. These acts each will have some kind of major political or cosmic event that shakes the fabric of the sci-fi civilization. These acts will be randomized and chosen from a list of possible campaign events to ensure that each game is different. As it stands the goal of the game will be to prevent the end of human civilization by the end of Act 4. Disease, civil war, alien invasion would be some of the possible scenarios in each act.

This game is in development. 

I hope you like the idea and will enjoy supporting this games development.
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