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is creating her debut pop album and support for other artists to do the same

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Welcome!  "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring." - David Bowie

I am searching to create a deeper connection with humanity through my music.
I am seeking to help other artists who believe in the transcendent standard of artistry.
To do so, I started the Starr 44 Artists Alliance. [ ]

Thanks to Patreon.. you will receive exclusive access to my music, my thoughts and the movements created through them.

I am so excited for you to be a part of what we are doing. 

Thank you for joining this journey with me and the Starr 44 Artists Alliance to heights beyond what we imagined possible.

-Starrlight ✨
$23 of $2,500 per month
I am just dollar amounts away from an amazing first album and can't wait for you all to hear what my team and I have spent the last two years making just for YOU.

I established a social media family with a reach of over 5 million followers. I’ve been inspired to make other artists aware of how to approach their artistry with a higher standard and started, Starr 44 Artists Alliance.

Now I have a fully written album, with state-of-the-art production (that would normally cost record labels $300,000 or more), a social media campaign, and performances this year. All of it can come in under a budget of just $50,000. The time I’ve had over the past two years has been devoted to studying the business and the art of the music industry, so I’m fully prepared to run an independent record label, and that is the plan unless a major record label can make a better offer.

A select group of music executives, recording engineers, critics and musicians have been privileged to hear the music I’m doing. They believe that our team is bringing something really special to the music world. It is aligned with the approach that current artists are finding success, but many are considering our approach to be the next step. If you are able, a pledge of a few dollars can complete this project and for those who are able to pledge $100 or more will be listed in the credits for the album and receive links for free downloads of songs I’m recording. I’m appreciative of whatever you can pledge because I can only do this with your help. No matter how large or small the dollar amount it helps.
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