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About Star Script

Early morning the sun sets on my eyes as I prepare to continue my occupation as a student. My feet hit the ground and I'm thankful. I study Business Administration as well as Political Science, but it's more than that. Despite the ancestral nudge to power through my academic days—there is never a time where I go without thinking about my writing and the ways in which I aim to create discourse on the narratives lost through time for post-indigenous Hmong Americans.

On top of wearing many hats as an uncompensated college student, I've had a decent hand dipped in corporate America, odd jobs, and side hustles. My juggled sources of income all point to one thing— somehow trying to accumulate enough funds that allow me to write freely and write loud. I want to yell with my community the stories we've always known. I want to write literary bridges that create dialogues for the gaps that have not yet healed completely through time. And though its complexity will always remain a wonder of the world, I want to translate and redefine the Hmong love language into something accessible, and digestible for newer generations to explore. This writing, that takes hours, weeks, and even months in the making is what my community deserves. 

Your support allows me to do just that, it allows me to spend as much time as I need to create more content, to highlight more narratives, and to go in deeper deconstructing the depths to which writing can encapsulate and transcend our thought patterns on the Hmong identity. The time spent working multiple jobs, the late nights pulled just to implement automated side hustles, are best spent growing alongside my community as a writer for the Hmong narratives, concepts, and philosophies that deserve a voice.

When you support me by becoming a patron, you are supporting the power of spreading literature through a young Hmong woman. Your support allows me to create more quality content, and it supports my ability to research, write, and piece together narratives on the Hmong identity; a culture I am deeply tied to, a connection to ancestors I am embedded by, and a community I believe in with all my heart.

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I want to keep writing for my Hmong community. When you help Star Script reach 1500 patrons, you give a literary voice the opportunity to write for a higher purpose. 

When Star Script reaches 1500 patrons, every patron will get exclusive merch from me, an exclusive thank you video, and I will personally call every patron (yes all 1500) to thank them one on one.

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