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About Jason Weight

I will keep this updated with the pitching process for Starship Goldfish, my other projects, lil tidbits of progress and art, and piecemeal evidence that I'm still working and Ignoring The Haters™

All my adult life I've collaborated with artists, animators, and credit cards to make cartoons. So far I've been happy to get by on 80-hour weeks and debt exile, but for the past few years people have been telling me 'Get a Patreon!'. I thought it was just for camgirls and webcomic artists.
I am now proud to stand among those camgirls. 

A dose of startling reality: Starship Goldfish's pilot cost nearly fifty five thousand dollars to realise, and I owe nearly all of that money. As I type this our pilot has generated ~$60 in Youtube revenue. We didn't even ship the rewards yet and I can't afford to fix my bicycle, one of the pedals sounds like a seal orgy. Ergo! Any money I receive through this will be spent on the life-giving avocado toast, Yeezys and Fiji Water necessary to fulfil my destiny: a life spent unknown and emaciated.

If you've not seen the episodes I write and direct, they're here:
21% complete
I'd LOVE to be able to commission character and concept art for my ideas each month. There's a backlog of shows I want to get arted up real nice, and you'll see em. Designs, postcards (mid-episode snapshots), pitch bibles, the works.
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