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I've completed and self-published a young adult fantasy novel called, "The Shadow". It's the story of a young girl whose brother is kidnapped by a giant monstrous black bird called The Shadow. She goes on a journey to rescue him, but along the way, she discovers that in order to save her brother, she must first save the entire world.

The story is full of captivating characters and iconic moments of love, courage, determination, and overcoming against all odds. There are many life lessons for people of all ages, but especially young people. The story deals with everything from bullying, to depression, to addiction, to suicide, to environmental destruction and the eventual fate of all people if we don't care for the earth.

The heavier topics are dealt with in symbolic ways. I didn't want to overwhelm the younger readers. It's mostly fun and exciting adventures, but I do feel that people from all backgrounds and all ages are struggling with these things all the time. This story also gives perspective and encouragement, as well as some healing, I hope.

Eventually, I hope to have an entire book series completed, with the characters going through many adventures, and growing as they do. Their lives and world will change over time.

The long term goal is to have this book added to school curricula. It's been read by one grade six class so far, and they absolutely loved it. I have an entire stack of fan mail to prove it. The kids all hope it will be made into a movie someday. I told them we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

I'm currently in the promotional stage, getting the word out to as many people as I can, while simultaneously working on book two, "The Kingdom of Dreams". I've sold out of the first batch of book one and need to do another print run at a local printer. The printing and shipping costs are much cheaper that way, and I can order more copies for the same amount of money. Once I have enough copies on hand, I can begin promotion in earnest. The quote I got for the new print run is around $5000. So that's my current goal.

I'm also planning a professional-quality YouTube videobook reading, featuring a skilled voice actor who will read the book to audiences worldwide. This will serve two purposes: it will increase exposure for the book itself, and the series as a whole, and it will bring in a small amount of income to support the Star Songs project overall. I hope at some point the project will be self-sufficient, but for now, myself and the book's many fans and supporters need your help.

I'm asking for donations to support the printed version and the YouTube version. I currently have two sample chapters up on YouTube above, but the final production will actually show a voice actor reading the story on camera. Check it out there, and if you like what you see, pass along a donation. You can order a copy of the book on You can also see the current reviews on I have a facebook page for the book as well. Click like there to keep up with the current news and events and look into the history of the project so far.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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According to a quote I've received, $5000 will get us 1000 copies of "The Shadow" which I can then sell personally, and consign to various book stores around the city. Some will be given away as promotional copies to gain exposure for the book.
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