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About Stas Knop

Why am I here?

My name is Stas Knop. I'm a photographer and an architecture enthusiast. Several times my photos have been awarded different prizes.
Quite often, the Internet cannot offer a high-quality photo of the building you are interested in. I myself have faced this problem more than once. So I decided to drive independently and take photos of interesting buildings around the world. My mission is to provide each building with a beautiful photo!
You can help me, the funds raised will be spent on transportation costs. You will also be able to influence the place for me to visit next time.
In appreciation for your support, I will share high-resolution photos from trips with you. I usually get 10-30 different photos from one architectural object, from a trip. You can use the received photos as you like, except for selling on photo stocks. 

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Next trip to Tampere, Finland. Kaleva church.

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