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About The Static Dive 

It's a music blog and the home of independent electronic artist, The Static Dive (aka, me... Bob). I promote independent music from around the globe and I release my own chill instrumental tunes each month.

The Blog

I have been a writer for a long time. I had a recurring by-line in Billboard for awhile. And I wrote a weekly music column in my local newspaper for years. Now on my blog I promote other independent artists from all genres.

With weekly features and new release announcements...

And the very popular Two-Line Songs Reviews...

The Music

Each month I release a new instrumental (usually Trip-Hop). Sometimes I make strange little videos to go along with them.  I perform, compose, and produce everything myself. My only collaborator is my daughter Lela, who creates a lot of the artwork.

Check out the last few months...

May - Retribalize

April - Mezzo Nuovo Blues

March - Holy Ghost

February - Low Tide Funk

All of this releasing and promoting costs money...  
Your support will help me keep it going!

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I hope you will join us... and the world will live as one


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I am hoping to reach 100 patrons to cover the expense of releasing and promoting new music each month. Reaching that goal will likely open the possibilities for even more regular content.
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