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About Lus

Welcome to my Patreon page.

Hi, I'm Lus from STAY CALM.  I make comics and podcasts about queer relationships, fictional coming-of-age adventures, and real life work and leadership advice.

Having your support means the world to me, and it makes these comics and podcasts possible. Check out the reward tiers for early access and behind the scenes updates. 

And tell your friends, coworkers and maybe even your boss to check out my work, too!


nerdy magical coming of age comic about two twins searching for their mom. Updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Before and after stories about my boobal removal. New episodes every Monday.


Jude learns about workplace leadership from Garnet, leader of the Crystal Gems. The comics are a fun romp through middle management. Print a set for your office bookshelf or boss' birthday.

Each For Millennial Managers comic also comes with a companion podcast that explores the topic in more detail.


Brian and I started Drama at Work to talk about work relationships. We answer questions from listeners, and offer support and wisdom....or at least an enjoyable distraction!

Do you have a question or horror story to share with us? Email me at [email protected] or send an anonymous ASK.FM note.

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