Roberto E. Alejandro

is creating StayUp.News, an independent hiphop, poverty & politics news site
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About Roberto E. Alejandro

Dear future patron,

My name is Roberto E. Alejandro, I'm the creator of StayUp.News, a Hip-Hop and politics web magazine that features regular video series and podcasts, including Nuance, my podcast with former Baltimore Police sergeant and executive director of Veterans Stand Michael Wood Jr.

StayUp.News documents poverty in America through Hip-Hop, amplifying unheard voices in a language all their own.

Traditional media insist on telling stories in their own voice, a practice that silences many, especially poor people of color.  By harnessing Hip-Hop, StayUp.News provides a path for those living the realities of inner city America to speak their truth in a language born from urban poverty, allowing for an honest discussion about social conditions in some of America's most oppressed spaces.

But we can't do so without your support. Please watch our intro video and donate to this important mission.
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When we reach 100 patrons, we'll be able to begin upgrading our equipment, and expand our coverage beyond the NYC and Baltimore, MD metro areas.
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