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Whats happening guys, well really I'm just a normal New Zealand kid looking to make something out of what he loves. I started making music when I was 17-18 through rapping, and decided to study it full time, which led me to learn instruments and such. That will always be a passion of mine, but at the moment I've decided to try and make a go of gaming. I've been playing games since I was a child on PlayStation 1 and PC, so I thought why not make why not try it out ? I then started a twitch channel which in turn led me to Patreon to collect donations from lovely people who decide to do so. All in all, I'm really just trying to find a way to not have to hold down a full time job which i hate only to end up with no money at the end of the week haha. Anyway thankyou to everybody who donates in advance, anything would be very much appreciated :) Peace...
PS. My intro video was my very first song.

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