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About Mr.StealUrGurl

Steal Speaks is a your source for pro/top player casts for Supreme Commander 2!
Thank you all so much for viewing this Patreon, watching my videos, being supportive, and contributing to Steal Speaks! A special thanks to all my patrons. You guys rock! :)

How to be cast by Mr.StealUrGurl and end up on Steal Speaks:
In order to be considered for cast, your replay must be assassination (game ends upon commander death, unless shared army for PA), no exclusions, and normal speed. Pretty much tournament rules are required. Supreme Commander 2 is a much more interesting game to watch when there isn't much navy on the field due to balancing issues. In a 4v4, this is less of a problem (Seton's Clutch). In all naval matches, it is best if the naval players are in a mirror match. In a 1v1 scenario, it is a major problem unless it is a mirror match.
Send replays to: [email protected]
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