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I was handed a camera as a young child in the early 60's and loved taking pictures.  Not being with money We could not afford to buy film and process pictures. So only a few here and there.

I bought a Kodak Point and Shoot about a decade back and pushed it to it's extreme limits.

A few years ago my Camera shop guy took pity on me and sold me my first DSLR, a used Canon Rebel XTI.

Finally freedom!

And a forced retirement for medical reasons.  My hands will no longer function as they did, preventing me from close fine work.

Now my cameras and I are best buds. I now have, thanks to Craigslist, a half dozen Canon camera bodies and an assortment of basic lenses.

Due to retirement I have many more hours to edit and process my images, but not many places or people to share them with. And a loss of income.

To expand my art I need to move to a better grade of lens and travel more often, mostly local, but some cross country. I usually travel 2,000 miles or more a couple of times each year to visit places with great and awesome vistas or unique qualities. Living in Northern California there are many places to visit on day trips and longer weekends which we take advantage of several times a year.

Travel means car rentals, hotel rooms and campsite fees.

If you can join with me on this journey I will share my work and you can help me as I process the raw images into pictures. You will be able to see views of familiar places, but in an less familiar way.

I am willing to shoot and process special requests for the sake of expanding my art and skillset. You don't have to support me to make requests, but it will help greatly if you can provide assistance.

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