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$1 is the minimum support one can donate. I don't like the idea of locking content off to people who want to support so whether you support $1.00 or $1, 000 I appreciate your support and want you to have access to everything. I think of it as pay what you can!




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SUP FOLKS! Welcome to STEELRAIN27's Patreon page! So you might be saying to yourself 'Hey Steel, what the hell is this?". Allow me to explain. I get a lot of messages and comments from viewers saying how much they would like me to be partnered with Twitch and be a full time streamer. I like the sound of that but as I always say, my job (as cool as it is) gets in the way but it lets me, you know not be homeless. In trying to figure out how to keep that roof over my head and stream full time, Patreon came to mind! Basically Patreon allows you to become a patron of mine. Someone helping me bring more consistent content to the stream and allow me to expand into all the others forms of free entertainment I try and provided on a near daily basis! 

How it works: 
It's really simple! You select an amount which you would like to send to support each month. It can be as low as a dollar or as high as well... there's not limit. Essentially its like a subscription on twitch where you choose the amount!  

What does the money go to? 
All funds allow me to do what I love which is interacting with our awesome community we've built, streaming all the time, podcasts, game reviews and of course all the SALT you can handle! We all know I make the Dead Set look like fresh water! I have a lot of plans in regards to the stream and bringing our community together but it takes a lot of time to get those things running and maintained which with my current job is difficult. Every little bit of support counts! 

So... what do I get out of it? 
Besides all the feel goods of helping me bring more content, entertainment and SALT! Patreon supporters will have access to a special 5 set of emotes that can only be used on my stream (design is underway). As I get more things up and running such as forums, teamspeak, monthly shoutout videos and events with supports you will have access to those things. You'll be able to find those under the Milestone goals. 

Keep an eye on this page to see how things progress and I can't thank you enough for becoming my patron! 

$0 of $1,500 per month
$1500 dollars, nearly covers all my bills but would allow me to be here on the internets every bringing you bigger, better, longer content FULL TIME!!
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