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About Steffan Clark

Is it wrong...?

Is it wrong for you to believe that you can help others find more joy and success? And do it by creating awesome dance videos, tutorials & films?

It's ya homie Steffan and I'm honored to have your attention while you are surfing the internet hahahaha. It's a blessing.

If your answer was no it is not wrong... excellent.

It seems as though you are positive, optimistic and probably enjoy dancing to some extent. Maybe you teach dance or dance professionally. Maybe you are a dance mom or dad, or you enjoy dancing in your room or when you are out partying on the weekend haha.

At this point you see the joy and love for dancing but you are curious as to how you (and others) can find more love and success through dance.

What options do you have?

You could go about creating the dance videos yourself. Using your dance moves to inspire and entertain others.

You could support others dance videos, using your wallet to help them produce awesome work.

You could also, successfully... do both. Crazy right?

Nope not really.

How is that possible? How can you use your dancing to inspire and entertain others, while also helping others create dance videos?

Now this is going to sound like I'm about to give you the option to invest your money... and I am. BUT...the benefits and rewards are life changing and you do not want to miss out on them.

With Patreon, I'm giving you the chance to support the creation of my free entertainment & trainings on the internet (dance tutorials, movement tutorials and short dance films).

Along with that, get bonuses. Get direct access to me and the exclusive premium content that I only create for my outstanding patrons.

Content proven to help people achieve results, excellence and success in their dance and movement.

Some "Patron Levels" have limited spots and you can sign up for as low as $4.95.

Are you ready to join our amazing dance community?

Take a quick peek at our Patron Levels and see which one is perfect for you.

I'm excited to see you in the community.

- Steffan


If you do choose to become a Patron, which I am extremely grateful for, please understand that sometimes I will dance to songs with Explicit Lyrics. I don't necessarily condone all lyrics and messages HOWEVER, as an Artist, it's important that I create work that shows all walks of life. When I dance, specifically in Concept Videos, I try to create characters and scenes. Johnny Depp doesn't condone the Pirates Life but he still plays a pirate every now and then. Denzel Washington isn't violent but he still portrays violent characters. I may also put out videos for more mature audiences. We want to portray all walks of life, the good, the bad, the ugly, the understood, the misunderstood & dark side and the light side. 

$0 of $250 per month
When I reach $250 per month, I'm going to donate $250 to an organization that helps people struggling with Mental Illness. I will need your help choosing an organization!

ALSO, I'm going to throw a FREE dance workshop in my hometown.
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