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About S-Park: STEM at the Park

Hello Everyone!

My name is Nabila and I'm the founder of Everlearning, Everlasting, a platform dedicated to providing quality educational resources, with a focus on family wellness. Our latest initiative has been S-Park: STEM at the Park, a community-based, Mommy & Me style, STEM program held at a local, public park in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

S-Park was inspired by a number of circumstances present in the local community, such as lack of outdoor daytime recreation and minimal access to extracurricular educational opportunities for children due to financial barriers and/or transportation/scheduling conflicts faced by women. We decided to leverage the fact that public parks have a huge spot in the social and recreational life in Jeddah and hosted our sessions at a popular, family-friendly park in the Azizyah district, called Tihama Park.  

We conducted close to 20 sessions in the 2018-2019 school year and received a great response. At each session, we conducted STEM/STEAM activities using basic household materials. There was no fee to attend, but attendees were simply asked to bring the materials required to complete the activity for that session, if possible. A WhatApp group was created for those who wanted to attend regularly and stay updated on the weekly activities. However, registration/being a member of the group was NOT required and we would bring enough materials with us to accommodate passers-by who wished to join.

The purpose of keeping the program free and commitment-free was to make it as easily accessible as possible to the general public. People were free to attend as was convenient for them. No obligation.   

The activities were focused on the Pre-K to Grade 1 age level, but we saw children of all ages, from infants to grade 4, at our sessions.  We tried to keep our activities simple by using household materials that are already available in most homes and can be easily replicated at home. We also aimed to do activities that were versatile and could be modified for a wide range of ages.   
Take a look at our specific hashtag to see pics from our sessions: www.instagram.com/explore/tags/stemattheparkjed

After a wonderful experience, we have concluded the program at Tihama Park for the 2018-2019 school year. Now, we are focused on developing the program further for the coming year. We would like to see the program return to Jeddah, as well as other cities around the world. We will be launching the program in the US, and are also exploring potential in other countries as well. We would like to eventually have an online map that would make it easier for everyone to track the locations of sessions and the activities being conducted at the sessions. It would create a sense of community amongst S-Park teams, while also providing a way for the public to see if there are sessions taking place near them. 

The ultimate goal is to bring easy, accessible STEM education to the general public, while also encouraging child/parent bonding and community development.

This patreon page is a step towards helping us allocate the funds to come closer to attaining this goal. Support from our patreons will enable us to continue our research and expansion efforts and implement the most feasible strategy to bring these sessions to more communities. By becoming a patron for only $1 a month minimum you will be given access to a STEM Activity Guide. We will eventually put all the guides together to create a book, but in the meantime, as a patron you get exclusive access by receiving a new guide every month and access to all previous months' guides. The guides will feature activities that will generally follow the same guidelines of utilizing basic household/craft materials and being as versatile as possible.   

So join us on this exciting journey and feel free to get in touch if you're interested in starting sessions in your area!
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Reaching our goal will help us gain the funds and awareness to continue developing and expanding S-Park. 
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