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Hi, my name's Gee and I make creative rap-based videos.
As you know it is becoming increasingly hard to make money from music or indeed any individual artistic venture and due to the source material or referential nature of my work copyright laws make it very difficult to monetise so as a result to avoid any worm cans I extract no revenue from my Youtube videos.

I want to increase both the quality and quantity of my output, I have the skill but not the resources, it seems I inspire a lot of people and they push me to keep going so this is a direct way for them to help me build and repay their faith, any donations will directly go towards a computer that can handle the load, a camera that can bring it up to broadcast quality and from then on props, sweat, music and toilet roll, I've so many ideas for vids, tunes, talkshows, allsorts and it's maddening as I've such little income to realise it all and get myself out of the hand to mouth restrictions and up to the next level, if you can please donate $10 (£7.97) or just $3 (£2.39) a month and help get me where you (and I) would like me to be.
love and laughter
Stepasaur x

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