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About Stephanie Woods

Hi! I'm Stephanie Woods, author of two full-length novels, "Earth Angel," and "Angel on My Shoulder." These are the first two of a planned five books in my Angels and Seers series.

I'm planning an urban fantasy fiction series after this one, and am currently doing research for a historical novel (with a time travel element) set in 1680's New England. I've got a lot going on, fiction-wise.

Here are my first two novels. Have a look!

Who Am I?--Everything You Need to Know About Me as a Writer and Fellow Human

I'm a writer. I've always been a writer. It's who I am. From the time I was in elementary school, I was writing short stories, usually ones that involved talking animals. In middle school, I began entering and winning short story contests.

A compilation of my stories was published and added to my school's library, I won numerous gift cards to local businesses in high school and town-based writing contests, and even won a Creative Writing scholarship to college in a statewide contest my senior year of high school. If you asked me in high school what I wanted to be, I always said, "Novelist."

Life, of course, often gets in the way of plans, and it certainly did with me. Not only did I have to support myself after graduate school, I also unexpectedly had to support my husband, who was injured on the job and could no longer work, as well as my step-son, who lived with us.

So, I became a teacher. I taught school for many years, both high school and college. I even taught elementary school for a year. I tried writing novels during this time, but there was just never any time to finish them, and I ended up with a hard drive full of half-finished books.

Was I happy? Not exactly. I wasn't miserable, but I wasn't following my dream. We've all got to follow our dreams to be true to ourselves. So, I eventually transitioned into freelance writing from home, writing advertising copy and blog posts for businesses. I've been doing this for the past eight or so years, and while it IS writing, it isn't very fulfilling writing.

So, in spite of long days of pounding out repetitive copy, I managed to find time to also write and publish my first full-length novel, "Earth Angel," in October of 2015. In October of 2016, I published its sequel, "Angel on My Shoulder." In between writing those two books, I won another short story contest, this one a historical story contest sponsored by my local archives.

Now that I've written and published two full-length novels, I know in my heart that I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing. I want, and NEED, to be writing in a creative way all the time. It is so hard for me to go back to writing for businesses. I still need to do it to pay the bills, though, but it leaves me with less time to write novels and short stories than I would like.

I've made money selling my first two novels, and it is now time to turn my high school dream of being a working novelist a reality. I've tasted the joy, and I can't go back.

I couldn't go back even if I wanted to. With both a juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and an anxiety diagnosis, and two surgeries to replace my knees, working outside the home again is no longer an option.

Writing for businesses is soul-crushing, though I don't have to leave the house to do it. And, my husband still needs me to support us both. Soon, it will be the three of us, all depending on me, as we have a child coming. Yes, I'm going to be a mom, at long last!

The step-son who lived with us when I first got married is grown with kids of his own now, by the way.

So, Why Do I Need a Patron?

Patrons will help me pay my monthly bills, so I can concentrate on writing more novels and short stories, without having to work another job to make ends meet.

They will also ideally allow me to be able to invest in professional development as a writer, get better writing software, hire top quality editors and book cover designers, and eventually go to fan events to sign books and meet my readers.

Better fiction is produced when one can concentrate fully on one's writing, knowing the bills are paid. One can also write more fiction this way. It's time I devote myself wholly to what was always meant to be my career....being a novelist.

What Do I Want Out of This, Exactly?

Time to write. I've got many writing goals and not enough time to complete them all if I'm working any other job but writing. Some things I want to accomplish just this year alone include:

  • Finish Book Three of the Angels and Seers series
  • Write a historical novel that involves time travel, which I've already outlined
  • Write more short stories
  • Enter more writing contests
  • Revamp my author website
  • Hire a professional editor and book marketer
  • Pitch literary agents and traditional publishing houses
  • Go to at least one writing conference
  • Make enough money writing fiction to pay my bills and give my new child the wonderful life she deserves

All of these things will help me be a better writer. Trust me. I want to write stories that amaze you, that inspire you, and that you adore. When you invest in my business, you are giving me the means to do just that, and more.

OK, But What Do YOU Get Out of Being My Patron?

First and foremost, you get the satisfaction of knowing you're helping a born novelist hone her craft and produce the best stories possible.

You will also get the delight of knowing you were the first to "discover" me, and help me reach the pinnacle of writing success. There will be plenty of scrumptious books from me for you to devour with the help of your patronage, I promise.

You also get exclusive content that's available nowhere else. It might be a new short story, a side story set in my Angels and Seers universe (or another universe, once I start a new series), videos of me at work or researching, pictures of my four crazy cats, and more.

As I bring new patrons on board, I may even offer new patronage tiers with additional perks, such as:

  • Book trailer videos
  • Draft chapters of novels I'm working on
  • Live streams where we can all talk to each other in real time
  • Autographed copies of my novels
  • Postcards from places I travel to research my books
  • Blogs or diary entries written "by my characters"
  • Phone calls to you
  • Christmas cards
  • Discounts on books and book-related merchandise
  • Etc.

These are just a few of the extra perks I have planned if I start bringing more patrons on board and meeting my financial goals.

You can be a part of it! Get in on the ground floor with an up and coming author, and always have the kind of access to me other readers will not. You're my patrons, the foundation of my fan base, and my earliest supporters. You are special to me. You'll be surprised at the incredible perks I come up with for you as we go along on this journey together.

I'm ready to create some first-rate fiction for you.

Are you ready to join me and get in on the fun?

Let's do this!

$0 of $100 per month
$100 a month will pay my water bill. Hey, it may not seem like much, but it's one less bill I have to be concerned about, which equals more time I can spend writing my novels. And, that means more time creating amazing worlds and fascinating characters for you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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