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About Steph

Hiya guys, Sully here, Costi is at her Zumba class right now, don't ask me why. I told her it's not even an exercise but she thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread.  For those of you who don't know, Costi is my best friend in the whole friggin world, my partner in crime! Other cops might say we're a clumsy pair, but I tell you what, we fight to keep crime off the streets! and we're betta that any one'a dem! We're good at what we do, make no mistake-  
I'm gettin off track,.. all I really wanted to say was, listen,.. we need you.  Otherwise, we'll disappear, ya see?  You're the fuel to our fire, the coal to our steam engine, make sense? So, on behalf of Costigan and myself, we just want to say, thanks a million.

WOOO WOOOAAH WOAH.. anyone forget about me? I think so. Hehh, Micah Sunrise here, reminding you that I'm important to man. I want in on some of this too.

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