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— i'll fill you in on what me and the dogs are up to, as well as how my life as a chronically ill person is going in a lil newsletter

— there will be a hand drawn lil free printable that you can do with as you wish! let your imagination run wild!

cheers dude, you're fantastic !!
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 hi, hello! — 

my name is Stephanie Cetina (you can call me Steph) & I am a freelance portrait photographer as well as an avid bullet journaler and a novice artist/illustrator/art-maker person — so basically you could use creator as a blanket term for what I do. 

I'm a 24 year old lil chronically ill dog mum from sweden and I spend most of my free time creating things & I thought that making a patreon would help me make the move from part time freelance to full time freelance, and to be able to create full time is the dream. but I also want to create a sort of space where there is good vibes, talk about how we feel & a place that eases anxiety & stuff. 'cause anxiety sucks.

apart from the creator side of things I will also be sharing things from my own life through a newsletter so you'll know all about me and my dogs. you'll love them, trust me. they're adorable lil fluff balls.  

 so, how does this thing work ? 
if you want to support my work and get more creative stuff from me just choose the amount you want to pledge per month and you get some real cool perks like access to my sketchbooks, a monthly newsletter, a lil free printable, a mini print and a pack of stickers made by yours truly. but don't worry because you can change or cancel your pledge at any given time so pressure. 

just remember that regardless of if you choose to pledge, or how much, i am so thankful for your support and it truly means the world that you want to take part in what i do and be a part of my little world. 

 ✧  you're amazing — 

  have a great day !  ✧ 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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