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Though the 7A may be the smallest in my stickbag, it is nonetheless an essential pair. With this starting tier, you'll get the essentials...   

  • "Making Music by Hitting Things" SUPER Comprehensive Drumming E-BOOK!!
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For any hard-hitting gig, the 5B is my go to pair for laying down a solid groove. If you choose to lay down a pledge as solid as $20, you'll receive my greatest gratitude. This makes you the truest, most non glamorous insider there is. Thanks for supporting my work in such a big way!

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About Stephen Clark


Hi There!

I'm glad you've found my Patreon page! It is currently "under construction," as it hasn't gotten a lot of attention lately. Some of the content is also outdated and in the progress of being redone. 

Nonetheless, I greatly appreciate any support you'd like to offer to help keep the Non Glamorous Drummer YouTube channel running! Feel free to also check out my brand new website, which hosts the recently released video course, "The 5 Qualities of a Great Drummer."

Most of my focus on the business side of the channel has been growing the email list and promoting the new video course, so check those out while you're here. You can find all of the free e-books as well as the preview trailer for the video course right here on the website.

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P.S. - The fastest way to reach me is via my email:
[email protected]
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