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Hello friends!

I am a singer-songwriter that loves writing music to share with others with the hope that they will find joy in what they hear.  Either through a connection with the lyrics, the sound or both, or just a joy from the way it makes them feel, I would love for people to support my ability to keep doing what I do.  Pledges will allow me the time to really focus on my craft, improve the quality, and release more and more content.  My friends!  Thank you so much for your support!
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Hello!  So I am working on my next record which is an EP titled "Under a Bridge".  It is a record of 5 songs I have been meaning to record for a while and so I have.  My friends and band, The True Grits, helped me record the songs and now all I have to do is get the record made and promoted.  And that is where you come in!  Thanks for your support!  You all rock more than I ever could!
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