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About Stephen Mayo

This page is a place for me to present the various projects I am working on. As my twitter says, I am a Christian, writer, semi-pro geek/dork/nerd, and all around weird person. I like to tell stories, play games, and generally goof off.

I spend my time musing on subjects from D&D, to comic books, to salvation and everything in between, and my writing shows.

My first  book is complete, but unpublished. It is an urban fantasy book entitled Bone Deep, dealing with a reluctant vampire who is just trying to live his life as best he can until he gets thrust into a battle for his own redemption. 

I am currently working on the second book in the series.

On the tabletop side I am currently working on material for 5th edition D&D.

Random blog posts and writings can be found at Mayowriter.
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