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Not to get too Robert Frost-y, but on the left hand is a distant Art Mountain, as described by Mr. Neil Gaiman. On the right is a level path: the desk job. I work as a human resource specialist, and I'm good at it. I could easily continue along the the telephone-answering, Excel-using route and eventually have what one could consider a very good career.

The thing is, I can do more good if I pursue art. Good Art is an experience--a catalyst for thought and empathy. It is a vicarious experience that teaches mindfulness and consideration, and I want to add those sorts experiences to the world.

Now, "the first law of art is sacrifice." I dedicated myself, endured grueling critiques and practice, and I earned my Bachelor's degree in fine arts. I gave up my second job to make more studio time. I've spent money entering art shows and poetry competitions. I've sacrificed sleep, health, and sanity. Perhaps the fact that I'm writing this note at 2:58 a.m. is a testament.  It's all starting to pay off: I've had a visual art residency and group show in Cleveland, my writing was published in Exile, and one of my images was used on the New England Review's website, but I need to press harder.

Art takes time and money. Good Art requires even more. Good Art requires consistent time and effort. I will continue producing work in my spare time no matter the circumstances, but I want the opportunity to offer the best art that I am capable of creating, and I want to share it and be able to live. I need patrons to do this; I need your help. If you value art, and the pursuit of art, please consider supporting me.

Thank you.

The nitty gritty:

I'll be posting a mixture of creative writing and visual art pieces. I write mostly poetry, because it relates well to my studio practice. When I'm drawing, painting, or even creating an installation, I am trying to create poetry without words. Sometimes, I also combine words and graphics into a single piece. I draw a lot of inspiration from the everyday or my location, because "Art is a harmony parallel to nature" (Cézanne). Most of what you will see here will be drafts, especially when it comes to my poems, because I can't publish writing in literary journals if they've already been published elsewhere.  Due to the nature and frequency of my posts, I've decided to do a monthly rather than a per-piece campaign. I would like to keep submitting pieces and poems to competitions, pay for supplies, pay for software and equipment (such as Adobe Creative Suite and a Wacom tablet) that would allow me to better meld my written and visual content, and to eventually be able to spend more time creating. Any funds I receive will go straight toward supporting me and my work.
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This would cover some of my current art expenses. It would allow me to comfortably pay to enter poetry competition and juried art shows.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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