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Greetings Pin-Up Enthusiasts!
Pin-Up art is my passion as an artist, and has been my main focus since about 2007. I have several new pin-up designs in the works, and I am re-launching my Patreon campaign now (December 2018) accordingly. Per-creation support will help cover the costs of scanning each finished painting, as well as the costs of creating all the reproductions such as 11x14 prints, fridge magnets, pin-back buttons, and more! All of this is important as I prepare for show and convention appearances in 2019, and hope to have a bunch of new designs and new items available.
I will be publicly posting preview sketches of which painting is next; feel free to move up or down support tiers with each one as you like. All support is greatly appreciated! When I post the final, finished pictures of the new painting, that is the only time you will be charged your pledge amount for that painting.
Thank you for browsing my Creator Page, and please feel free to get in touch any time if you have any questions about myself or my work! -Steve Baier

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Select a membership level
The Good Vibes Tier
per creation
My everlasting gratitude, plus behind-the-scenes, work-in-progress pics & videos posted for Patrons only. And, the satisfaction of knowing that you helped support the creation of the artwork!
The Decorate Your Fridge Tier
per creation
The Good Vibes Tier, plus a handy fridge magnet featuring the creation you are supporting! Magnets are 2.5 x 3 inches (approximately) and arrive in a clear sleeve.
The Decorate Your Person Tier
per creation
All of The Decorate Your Fridge Tier, plus a 2.25" round pin-back button of the creation you are supporting. Double the swag!
The You Get A Print Tier
per creation
All of The Decorate Your Person Tier, plus an 11x14 print of the creation your are supporting, signed by the artist of course!
The Gold Tier
per creation
ALL OF THE ABOVE TIER, plus a limited-edition 16x20 giclee print of the creation you are supporting! Quantity will be limited to the number of $50 Patrons plus one (for my personal collection).
5% complete
Reaching $100 in Patrons for each new pin-up painting would completely offset the cost of having a high-quality scan taken of the finished piece. This is a necessary procedure and it doesn't pay to cut corners!
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