Steve Long

is creating On a mission to save the world.
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I promise I will buy myself a 2 Kebap with those 10 Bugs! (I´ll invite a homeless guy)

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Hmm... not so phony, more likely real. Ever heard of Kevin Kellys 1000 true fans? This Tier is limited for only a bunch of patrons. Why? Because you'll get my phone number and become a true fan or better friend & call/text me whenever you want.

About Steve Long

At the moment I´m just really really broke... :)

I´m just painting the bigger picture. If you know my Youtube you think okey, this dudes is funny.
Perfect. Funny is always good. But does it buy poor people food? Nah. Does it give you a home when you homeless? Nah. Do people want to see a funny guy? Kind of...

So there you got it. For now it´s the funny guy building up the reach - and then back to business - saving the world! 

Why I tell you that? Did I already mention I´m broke? :)
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