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About Steve McRae

I am starting a Patreon for my YouTube channel in order to provide a place for members and non-members of the Great Debate Community to have online hangouts to discuss various topical subjects in regards to creationism vs science and other Great Debate Topic with both experts and layperson.

I would like to grow my channel to be the "go to " place where people can come bring their presentations on science that would be of interest in the GDC. I would also like to be able to bring in bigger named guest to engage them in real time on various topics relating to refuting Young Earth Creationism and bad science in general. 

The donations would go to the time spent emailing people and making arrangements for them to come on my channel as guests, making educational presentations, as well as providing a room to discuss topics in the Great Debate Community and provide educational content. While all in all my channel for entertainment purposes, I want to it be informative as well. The amount of hangouts will increase when (or if?) Google fixes the bug that allows people to be removed from hangouts without mod control. All patreon donations are to support my artistic contributions with no incentive returns or rewards and considered as gifts. 

I have greatly appreciated the vast amount of support that I have been given so far and appreciate all the subscribers I have gained since I started hosting hangouts. I am so very thrilled that people have enjoyed listening to my hangouts. Please join me as we dispel the constant barrage of scientific misinformation from Young Earth Creationists and ID proponents.

My goal is to reach 150 Patrons. Which I have just recently met. Thank you! <3

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