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Creator & maintainer of VSM, SciCura-v1, WordVis, OLSVis, and the vsmjs project on GitHub.

My mission is:
To enable scientists to transform plain-text information from the scientific literature, into a precise and computer-'understandable', actionable form.

Making large-scale, real-world knowledge fully 'computable' is essential for solving society's most intricate problems, which involve complex systems (like cancer, brain, ecology, climate, security).
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As a scientist I live from temporary contracts, on a years-on / years-off basis. My skillset is highly valued in the private sector, but in science it is hard to acquire proper financial support for it -- even though modern science needs solid, software-development based solutions, at least as much.
With this page I hope to make financial support for my work more stable -- or better: to provide a place where Patrons can show a public signal that this work in science should get more properly funded.

I am currently not supported by any grant money. So your donations will go towards: food, shelter, expenses like web hosting, and some justification for the work I put into the long-term support & development of VSM-related projects.

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