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About Steven Vercruysse

Creator & maintainer of WordVis, VSM, SciCura, and the 'vsmjs' project on GitHub.

It is my mission to make a digital represention of all scientific knowledge.
To make detailed knowledge fully computable is essential for solving complex problems on a large, systems-level scale (e.g. for cancer biology or neuroscience). Read more on

As a scientist I live from temporary contracts, on a years-on / years-off basis. This earns me much less than I could if I took a job in industry. With this page I hope to make the financial support for my projects a bit more stable.

Your donations will first of all go towards expenses like web hosting and equipment, for when my current grant money runs out. In case of support above that, any income will help justify the work put into the long-term support & development of VSM-related projects.

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