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About Steven Troughton-Smith

Hi, I'm Steve. I make apps at High Caffeine Content, tweet all manner of content at @stroughtonsmith, and, in general, like to take things apart. :o) 

You might be here because you enjoy what I do — in that case, thank you! You're already part of why I enjoy this so much, and why I've provided opinion, tech analysis, enthusiasm, news and discoveries since 2008.

I've always tried to provide a fair and balanced view of technology, spanning different platforms, devices, games and more, because I think there's so much in this space worth singing from the rooftops, and I've always thought that broader context is key to understanding so much of what's going on, where technology is headed, and how it can change our lives.

I hope I've made your feeds more interesting over that time. But keeping up with the times is expensive, and, though I've tried to keep people informed (and entertained!), there's always more I wish I could do. With your support, perhaps I can!

I do need to figure out appropriate reward tiers, so maybe you can suggest good ideas of things you'd like to see from me. Right now, this will be a little barebones for a while while I figure this out. In any case, thank you for your support! :D

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This will go towards my iMac replacement fund. With luck, that will mean that I will be able to get a like-for-like upgrade on my sadly failing 2012 iMac in about 6 months time. With even more luck, perhaps Apple will have an affordable Mac tower by then that I can aim towards…
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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