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TRAPEZIUS PEPPER is the noir-ish tale of a gambler pushing his luck in a city of crime.

This Patreon is officially on HIATUS.
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I created this Patreon to share my progress as I started work on a comic series that's been kicking around my brain for years. Alas, I've ended up working full-time as a storyboard artist and I no longer have the time or energy to put toward my own projects.

I don't know how long the hiatus will last but my current plan is to stick with storyboarding for a while longer. I want to get the loan sharks off my tail before I take another gamble on creator-owned comics. So I'm putting this project on the backburner until I can properly dedicate my time to it.

This Patreon account is going to stay online so people can still see the practice pages and process posts I created for it. It says "per none" instead of "per month" or "per comic" because patrons won't be charged while we're on hiatus. So feel free to sign up and pledge at the $1 level so you can see all the posts. It won't actually cost you! I'll make sure to give everyone plenty of warning when the hiatus ends and it's time to start charging for new content.

I'm very grateful to those who have already shown an interest and given me their support. Know that I WILL be returning to this project. I have a bunch of ideas for stories and games in the world of TRAPEZIUS PEPPER and I'll be tinkering with those ideas whenever I get a chance.

Thanks for checking out what I've done so far!

If you're new to Patreon... it's a crowd-funding platform that works a little differently from Kickstarter. Patreon is about ONGOING support of a creator, usually on a monthly or per-page / per-song / per-whatever basis.

As for the TRAPEZIUS PEPPER comics... they're going to include stuff that I enjoy drawing and that I want to see in a comic. So I hope you're okay with entering a reality where bears and raccoons speak and live among us humans. The comic will also include gamblers, booze hounds, ne'er-do-wells, sword-wielding viking gangsters and even a bit of the supernatural.

You can find out more about my previous projects on my website:
100% complete
As a thanks to everyone spreading the word about my Patreon, I'll schedule a live video stream, available to everyone, once we reach this goal. We can all chat while I work on one of the comics.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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