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Hi all, I'm Steve Spalding and I'm a writer of fiction. That fiction takes many forms, mostly short stories and podcasts, but I've also been known to turn out the occasional comic page, and once upon a time, I even wrote a game.

Back in 2016, I gave myself the goal of putting together one short piece of fiction, every weekday, for an entire year. On December 31st, to my surprise, I finished --  260 short stories and poems in all, and some of them were even good.

In addition, I produced the first twenty-five episodes of my  folk lore podcast, the first two episodes of a serialized fiction podcast about magic and hotel management, and continued work on the comic that I will one day finish.

All in all, I consider the year a success.

What I discovered, however, is that 3-4 hours a night of writing, when coupled with trying to run a business to pay the bills, is a less than ideal way to retain ones sanity.

Still, for 2017 and beyond, I want to write more, a lot more, but to help justify those sleepless nights, I could really use your support.

Before we get to that, let me tell you what I'll give in return:

More Stories

2016 was the year of short fiction, 2017 is to be the era of the novelette. I want to take some of the worlds and characters I touched upon in short form, and put a little more meat on their bones.

I plan to do between 10 and 15 of these, which in my estimation will require that I write 3-4 days a week until New Year.

As an example of what I'll be putting together, take a look at this story set in the  MONA Universe that I wrote a while back. Most of them will look like this, if not somewhat longer.

More Podcasts

I will also be producing the next season of Steve Reads Stories (25 episodes), and the first season of At the Midnight (10 episodes). In addition, I will be writing season two of At the Midnight, and plan to produce at least one more ten episode mini-series.

On top of that, I'll continue to release selected short stories as a part of  Inside Fictions.

More Stuff

For the last year, I've been working on a comic based in the same Universe as At the Midnight, and I plan to start showing it off as this annum rolls on.

I'm also working on a video game set in The Gods Isle, which I'm really excited about, so excited that I know better than to say anything else until it's further along.

With that out of the way, here is what I'm asking for:

The Big Ask

As you might have been able to suss out, writing is a full time job for me...another one, one that is mostly done in the wee dark hours when saner minds would be sleeping.

As it stands, all of those hours have been freely given, both because I love the work, and because I want the largest number of people to have access to it.

With that said, this kind of output is exhausting and likely unsustainable, and in order to keep producing at the rate I have, I need to take hours from parts of my day that would otherwise be devoted to pay work.

I've already started this process, and it's terrifying.

How This Will Help

Any support you give would be used to offset those lost hours, and provide me with the flexibility and freedom to make more art. Writing is hard in the best of cases, and when you're tired, stressed out, and trying to juggle twelve things without letting one of them fall and crush your life into a fine paste, it's only harder.

I want to give you more podcasts, I want to build more games, I want to write books and do weirder and finer work beside.

Which leads to the big "want," I want a budget, a budget so that I can pay artists, sound people, and other creative folks to help fill in the blanks of my worlds where mere words won't do.

Right now anytime I need art or music of webhosting, it comes out of my pocket, and it would be lovely if this could change.

Final Thoughts

1. No matter what happens here I'm going to keep writing, and I'm going to keep releasing a lot of that writing for free. That won't change.

2. If this campaign is successful, it means that I can go above and beyond what I already plan to do. The work will be better, stronger, properly edited, and other deeply positive things.
3. Any amount helps, if for no other reason than it shows you care, and when you're writing at 4AM, knowing someone cares is important.

4. It will be super, swell neato to have a place to show off all of the obsessive worldbuilding notes I've made. If you need another reason to give, you can add, "exploring my latent insanity," to the list.

5. You are AWESOME, and I am so grateful for your support. With your help, there is no telling what we can do.
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