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About Steve Steele

Musicians everywhere, rejoice! I'm taking a four year university degree plan for a Bachelors of Music Theory and Music Composition (my college degree plan in fact), and turning it into a series of YouTube videos!

My Degree Plan will consist of the following:
  1. Music Composition 1, 2 and 3 (Species Counterpoint, Baroque, Romantic, Impressionistic and Modern music).
  2. Music Theory 1, 2 and 3 (Species Counterpoint, Dan Haerle Jazz method, Schenkerian analysis and Schoenberg's Theory of Harmony and Structural Function of Harmony).
  3. Orchestration 1, 2 and 3 (Score Reading, Composing for orchestra and using Finale, Dorico and/or Notion - Sibelius will be included).
  4. Computer 1, 2 and 3 (DAWs, Kontakt and VI Pro, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Finale, Sibelius and Notion, Sample Libraries, and much much more). 
I've spent years building my studio to be able to teach and apply these topics, but technology is moving faster than I can afford to replace it. I really need your help. All of my gear goes towards making my YouTube videos. OSXDAILY.COM wrote a nice article on my studio a couple of years ago. Take a look.

That article is from 2015 and either most of that equipment is gone or desperately needs to be replaced. I can't afford to do this by making free videos. My Mac Pros themselves are from 2009!

My YouTube schedule is going to be grueling and I'm doing this for free:
  1. Monday - Music Theory Video - Classic contrapuntal and Schenkerian Analysis
  2. Tuesday - Music Theory Video - Analysis of modern music
  3. Wednesday - Composition and Orchestration Videos.
  4. Friday - Software, Hardware and Plug-in Demos and Reviews
  5. Saturday - Viewer Request. Patreon members decide what video I make

My History:

  • University of North Texas Double Major in Music Theory and music Composition.
  • Minored in Jazz Studies.
  • Two years at Houston Community College's Multimedia Center.
  • One year at the MIT, (the Musician's Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA.).
  • VSL Certiication

  • Nominated Junior Student of the Year at UNT.
  • Dean's List at UNT.
  • Honor Roll ate UNT.
  • Acknowledged in several books including David Pouge's Mac FAQs and Dr. Kevin Korsyn's Decentralizing Music.

Began formal piano lessons at age 5, Voice at 8, guitar at 10, bass at 13, Music Theory and Composition at 15. Played in the high school Jazz Band (Competed locally and intrastate), Played bass in several UNT Lab Bands. Played Piano in the Houston HCC night Jazz Ensemble, full scholarship to play bass in the HBU Jazz Band. Toured nationally for three years with various bands (bass). Session Musician in Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston studios. Assistant Engineer at Studio 55 in Hollywood, CA (on the Paramount lot). Began Bachelor of Music Theory and Composition and UNT. After 150 of study left early to accept position at Apple Computer. My priority was to build a state of the art home studio. Beta tester for numerous major Music software companies including Vienna Software Libraries (have signed NDA with others). After leaving the IT Industry I only had one thing on my mind. I wanted to write and record an album that I would be proud of and I was willing to quit my job and put everything aside to do it. Other then the drums I played every instrument on the album and wrote every song except for one which I co-wrote with a friend. In 2011, after the release of the album called “The Expat”, I was nominated for two awards for the Houston Press Music Awards: Best Male Vocalist of the Year and Best Band of the Year. After a year of playing gigs to support the album I turned my attention yet again to something else - Film scoring. It made perfect sense.

$0 of $500 per month
I'm expanding my teaching business and other related music businesses to include film scoring and YouTube based tutorials and product reviews. I only review products that I buy myself and use in my business, such as music creation software, or hardware used in for the music making process. The subject of my tutorials is generally centered on music software training, or music composition and instrument lessons.

Over the past five years I've spent every extra dime building a home recording studio for the purpose of composing music for film. Within the next couple of years my primary goal is to move to Los Angeles and score music for big budget films. I know of a couple of former YouTube tutorial producers that are now composers working in Los Angeles. They got their start on YouTube, by showing their skill set and work ethic and communicating with the music and film industry.

I've reached a point where some of the software and hardware for my studio is becoming outdated faster than I can replace it. I need assistance with that if I'm going to be remain competitive with other composers, especially once in Los Angeles.

YouTube has changed the way people learn music. Private lessons are slowing down as people look to online videos for instruction. With the videos I've made so far my YouTube subscriber base is growing quickly. Currently I'm getting 10 - 15 new subscribers to my channel each day, and that number is growing weekly. I don't monetize my videos. If I did, nobody would watch them. So while less people are signing up for paid private lessons, more and more YouTube viewers are requesting videos from me. Most of my tutorial videos are between 20 and 30 minutes long. But because I have to write a script, compose a piece of music (often orchestral music), make charts, and then compile scenes and edit them in post production, it takes me a couple of days to make each video. Plus there is some marketing involved, most of it social media. I also respond to and answer every question left in the comments section. And I do all of this for free. 

As I pivot from paid private lessons to free YouTube tutorials and lessons I need donations until I can get paid film, TV or video game scoring work.

In summery, I'm asking for donations to purchase new studio equipment (computers, computer peripherals, software and sample libraries, speakers and some video equipment), and donations to help offset the loss of paid private lessons as I make free YouTube videos. 

I expect my need for donations to last no more than two years. I've mapped out what I hope is a solid plan for a relocation to Los Angeles. That process has already begun as I'm already in contact with the music industry on the west coast. Your donation could help make or break my chances at having a career in music. That not only makes a positive difference in my life, but also those that benefit from my knowledge and experience as well.

Steve Steele
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