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Mini Island Maps
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These maps will be small island based maps. They will often only have one to two tinier islands beside them. They may have small mountains and dense forests, but they would typically be in the center of the island. 
Fantasy Region Maps
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These maps will be medium sized maps. They sometimes have small or medium islands near them. They may have mountains and dense forests. 




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About Steve Von Raie

IMPORTANT: My Paypal is currently not being accepted (because of lack of funds probably) so it will be a moment before I can do anything with this account. Please refrain from pledging for now. 

Hey there everyone! I am Steve! I am an artist, writer, and avid gamer. I love tabletop rpgs and love to make maps for them.
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If reach the goal, I will start up a video series of me working on the digital part of each of my maps.
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