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I'm Stephen Ruiz, better known as Stevie McFly, and I make things. You may have seen some of these things. There was the Ignition Petition, which got a bit out of hand and was covered by Time and the Huffington Post, among others. I also made this thing:

...and a lot of other moderately popular stupid jokes. I've been mildly successful at selling merchandise, which has been pretty cool for me. I also make music, which is probably the thing I do that I get the best feedback for.

On top of that, I worked in the film industry for several years and would like to use that experience to do video content (comedy sketches, mini-docs, a webseries). I feel that regular features and quality multimedia content would elevate my brand and entertain the shit out of you guys, which is totally part of why I do all this.

I realized that if all of my tumblr followers pledged just $1 a month, I could do this full-time. Which, like, you know, would be pretty cool. So at best, I'm hoping for that. But if things go better than best, I can do more. Like such as:

  • The N-Word. I'm writing and producing a web-based sitcom about a group of black twentysomethings in Brooklyn. The pilot is currently in post-production and will be released soon. I'm aiming for a ten-episode first season. (teaser)
  • Reviews of movies, music, concerts, etc. I want to do more critical work on my blog, but need the resources to buy tickets and so on.
  • Finish my mixtape this year. As many of you know, I recorded a mixtape in 2013 and released it in 2014. The mixing process took too long, and if you guys waited this long, I want to give you even better material. So I've been buying beats out of pocket from big producers, writing new material, reaching out to people about features, and so on. If I have enough money to buy more beats, get studio time instead of recording at home (as good as my equipment is, it's no substitute for a professional studio), do music videos, etc., and enough time to devote to the project and related media, it'll be even better. I'm hoping to finish it this year, and if I get the funding I need, it will definitely happen.
  • Get Weird. A few years ago, my friend Spencer and I came up with the idea for a series that chronicled our journeys to fan conventions, odd music festivals, and other places where the weird gather. I still would love to make this eventually, either with him (if our schedules permit) or with another host.
  • The Night Shift with Stevie McFly. I'm working on a web-based late night talk show, which will incorporate comedy, animation, interviews, and live music.
  • Comedy sketches. I have written a lot of them. So have good friends of mine. We can make them if we have funding to do so.
...and more. I constantly come up with new ideas for content to provide, and then immediately forget it because I have to go to sleep for work. Help me put jokes on your table, songs in your head, and political rants on your unsuspecting friends' facebook walls.
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