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Hey guys would like to be featured in one of my upcoming live stream doesn't that sound fun. Well if you pledge $10 you can join me on my live stream and chat with me for 10 mins. 




Hello and welcome to my patreon page "Stillthabadguygaming" come join me as I begin my journey as a streamer for the first time. I'm currently streaming on Twitch and Mixer.
Become a patron and get access to my video archive and if you pledge $10 you can chat with me live during my live stream.
 I'm not a professional gamer, but I still have fun anyway. Hello my name is Antonio of course you will come to know me as "STILLTHABADGUY" I'm 33 year old I been gaming since the age of 7 and this will be my first time live streaming while I actually play video games. So bare with me during my transition I hope to improve as I go, this will serve as a new hobby for me so I may not stream on a everyday base, since I work full time. I enjoy playing different type of game such as First Player Shooter, Role Playing Game, Fighting, Action Adventure and many more. As a warning I would like to say that I'm not your typical streamer I may and will more than likely be showing signs of aggressive and using some profanity, so if you are very easily to offend I would suggest you get prepared for "Tha Bad Guy".

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