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Panda Peeps get first dibs on finished, high-resolution images before they're sent across the digital highway onto deviantART or other social media platforms. 
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You know what I love? Macaroni & Cheese! I also love sharing works in progress and sketches too! Join the madness for a look at my progress on illustrations and comic pages...even if they're a bit...cheesy. 
Pizza Pals
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If pizza were alive, it would be my spirit animal. It would also be your key on receiving a special deal on a Character Bust Commission. What's normally five nights of topped pizza pie for dinner, is now four nights of sausage and mushroom goodness just for you, dear Patron!




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Christina here, welcoming you to my Patreon page! I am a digital artist based out of the peachiest state in the deep South; Georgia. While I do dabble in traditional mediums from time to time, my specialty is, and always will be, digital art.

Stina's Sketchbook had been my online moniker and studio (of sorts) since 2015, that specializes in a slew of digital artwork and illustrations. With my trusty, yet ancient, Intuos tablet by my side and my art programs, I want to bring my digital world to you!

With the help of Patreon, and your support, I plan on expanding my digital realm past its part-time hobby phase and into something more full-time and financially self-supporting. I want to offer more Patron-exclusive artwork, exploratory illustrations and comics.

Did I just say comics? Yes, indeed! Other than being my online presence, Stina's Sketchbook is part of a larger studio, Fusion Corps Comics. Is a comics/art studio that provides all-aged comics, stories and merchandise. I want to share those stories with you, future Patron!

When to Expect Patron-Only Posts

Patron-only posts will occur on certain days. Mondays will be reserved for original art posts, Wednesdays are for comics and Fridays will feature fan art. I may not hit each of those days throughout the week all the time, but know that you will definitely get art updates throughout the month!

  • Monday - Original Art (Non-Comic Related Posts)
  • Wednesday - Comics & Artwork Related to Comics
  • Friday - Fan Art


Private Patron streams will be done via since Twitch has yet to offer users with a viable, private streaming option. An account with Picarto is required to chat and you can sign up through their site for free! 

Commission Rewards

I always have commissions available, but Patrons get an exclusive deal on pricing and rates. All commissions are delivered digitally via email or file sharing services. Patrons who select any one of the commission rewards will receive a digital art commission per month! How cool is that?!

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The Vinyl Frontier!
I love stickers and I love sticking those stickers on things that clearly need to be covered in stickers! Earning this goal will unlock the vinyl goody bag! Original designs will become full-color stickers or mutli-colored decals and will be added as rewards. Patrons will receive decals based on the reward tier they have selected; Panda Peeps, Macaroni Madness, Bookworm Bystanders and Pizza Pals.
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